About In My Heart Ltd.

The feeling of losing a loved one in all nature is a burden we will all share this hurt and sorrow at sometime in our lives. 

You have the opportunity to not only share your faith with God but to keep close to you not only the memory of your loved one but their Sacred Ashes close to your heart, always and forever. 

In My Heart Ltd will provide you with an opportunity to know that your loved one is with you daily. 

Our special jewellery is designed to keep faith with what you believe as well as knowing that you have comfort feeling your loved one close to your heart.

In your Heart Ltd can offer you several beautiful Sterling silver crosses,pendulum's and balls that you will treasure close to your heart forever.

 They are beautifully designed and whichever one you decide to have close to your heart, you will know that your loved one will stay close.

 Each Cross can be engraved and opens to hold a small amount of your loved ones ashes.

 Other crosses can hold a picture of your loved one or even a small note to treasure.

 You will never feel alone ever again.

A Prayer for Personal loss

Lord, thank you for being my rock and my strength. I don't know why this happened. I know you have a plan for each of us. But right now I'm hurting, and that hurt runs deep. Lord, I know that you are a comfort for me, and I pray that you continue to be by my side through this time. It feels right now like this hurt will never go away. It feels right now like I'll never come out of this pain. Everyone keeps saying that time will ease what I'm going through. I feel angry. I feel hurt. I feel alone. I don't know if time will help me, but I know you will. I cannot imagine going through this without you holding me up.


There is a max of 60 characters per Sterling silver necklace.  

Please make sure that you have the correct spelling and or details before you decide to purchase.  

We will not be able to accept returns.

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